Terms of Service

Last modified: December 28, 2017

Thank you for using https://tt-api.tech ("Service"). The Service is provided by the TextTemperature Team ("TextTemperature", "we", "us").

This Agreement is a public offer in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Performing activities aimed at using the Service is considered complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement is made in electronic form and contains all the essential conditions, the acceptance of which gives the Agreement legal force in accordance with Art. 434 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which is equivalent to the contract concluded in writing (Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) without signing by the parties and without specifying the User.

Please read the Agreement carefully. If you ("User") do not agree with any of the terms and conditions of the Agreement, you may not use the Service.

You also guarantee that you are a fully capable person, and if you represent the interests of a legal entity, you have the relevant legal capacity of an authorized representative of a legal entity and you have the right to perform this Agreement that is legally binding.

Using our Service

In accordance with this Agreement, we grant the User the right to use the Service, and the User undertakes to pay for access to the Service in the manner and under the terms of this Agreement.

The user is entitled to use the Service on the basis of a non-exclusive, revocable, limited by this Agreement urgent license. The territory of the granted right is not limited.

The service allows to receive access to Natural Language Processing methods.

Use of the functionality of the Service is allowed only after the User сompletes the registration and authorization procedure on the Service.

You must follow any policies made available to you within the Service. Don't misuse our Service. We may suspend or stop providing our Services to you if you do not comply with our terms or if we are investigating suspected misconduct.

In connection with your use of the Services, we may send you service news, administrative messages, and other information. You may opt out of some of those communications.

At registration, the User is not allowed to be represented by another person or representative of the organization without sufficient rights.

The User bears complete and sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the unique login and password for access to the Personal Profile, respectively, the User understands and agrees that he or she is personally responsible for any actions that occur using his or her Personal Profile. We perceive any actions committed through the User's Personal Profile (logged in using the correct login and password) as actions committed personally by the User.

You agree not to disclose to third parties the materials (including API key) available to you as part of using the Service, and not to transfer, lease or in any other way provide access to the Service to third parties are not eligible.

Intellectual Rights

The exclusive right to the Service belongs to TextTemperature. This Terms do not entitle you to use the Service beyond the scope of the functions provided directly within the Service interface as defined herein.

Service, its parts and individual components (including but not limited to: computer programs, databases, codes, underlying know-how, algorithms, design elements, fonts, logos, as well as text, graphics and other materials), company names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, brands or other distinguishing marks of the Service are objects of intellectual property protected in accordance with applicable law, any use of which is allowed only on the basis of and permission of the right holder.

The user agrees that he has no right (and has no right to allow anyone) to modify, create derivative works, disassemble the Service programs into components, decompile or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of the software. Otherwise, the User bears full responsibility for such actions as provided by applicable law.

Using our Service does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Service or the results of processing your data.

Terms of Paid Services

Paid services are provided on the basis of pricing specified on the website: https://tt-api.tech/en/#pricing.

Your subscription is set to automatically renew if you constantly use our API if not, your subscription renew when you resume work. At any point during your subscription, you can change your plan. You'll be switched to a new plan immediately, please pay attention to that.

You will not be able to make requests after exceeding of the switching off threshold. You should top up your balance for resume work.

TextTemperature plan purchases are non-refundable.

Modifying and Terminating our Services

We are constantly changing and improving our Service. We may add or modify functionalities or features, and we may suspend or stop the Service.

We may also stop providing Service to you, or add or create new limits to our Service at any time. Also we may change our pricing. If we discontinue a Service, where reasonably possible, we will give you advance notice.

You can stop using Service at any time, although we'll be really upset if you do that.

Warranties and Disclaimers

We provide our Service using a commercially reasonable level of skill and we hope that you will enjoy using them. But we provide no guarantee of the consistency of the Service with your goals and expectations, uninterrupted error-free operation of the Service in its entirety or of its components and/or methods. The Service is provided by TextTemperature "as is".

We will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages related to the use of our Service.

Disputes Resolution

To resolve disputes that have arisen between us and the User as a result of using the Service, the following claim procedure is applied:

  • A User who believes that his rights are violated because of our actions sends us a complaint through the feedback form https://tt-api.tech/en/contact a claim containing the essence of the demand, the justification for its presentation, as well as all the data of the User;
  • within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the claim, we will state our position on the issues mentioned in it and send a reply to the e-mail address;
  • in the case that the dispute is not resolved through a claim procedure, the dispute is subject to judicial review in the court at the location of the TextTemperature.

You agree that all possible disputes arising in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved by the parties according to the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

The User agrees that he will indemnify us for any losses incurred in connection with the use of the Service, as well as in case the User violates the terms of this Agreement and the rights of third parties.

About these Terms

We may update this Terms at any time for any reason. If there are any significant changes to how we handle personal information we will place a prominent notice on our site.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about TextTemperature's Terms. You may contact us using our Contact Page: https://tt-api.tech/en/contact.

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